Terms and Conditions

Your safety is our top priority and your key to having a great time with us. Our jet boats and all aspects of our operations are audited annually by Maritime NZ and our current certification is displayed at our facility.

We have a few important matters for you to consider and understand before you choose to make a booking with us. Should you require further information, please call us on 0800 538 777.


Eligibility of Participants
– You must be a minimum height of 150cm (4’7″).
– Minimum age for participation is 13 years.
– If you are eligible but under the age of 18 years, you must have an eligible person of 18 years or older in the boat with you.
– This is a motorsport activity that involves movement at high speeds, moving the boat through tight corners and over wakes which can result in some jarring impact to participants. If you have any pre-existing health issues or injuries associated with (but not limited to) neck or spine, impaired and/or low hand and arm strength, impaired vision, dizziness or if you are pregnant you should not participate.
– You must not have taken any drugs that could impair your judgment within 12 hours prior to your event.
– You must not have consumed alcohol within 12 hours prior to your event and we do not permit consumption of alcohol during an event.


All bookings must be made by contacting the Operator directly, either via the on-line booking system or by phone or email.
A booking is considered confirmed when payment and all Operator required information is complete and you – the customer – are in receipt of an electronic confirmation from us.
At the time of booking all participants must provide the Operator with email and phone contact details.
When booking a Team Event of any type, the person booking must provide the name and contact details of the individual who will be the single point of contact for organising their event (the Organiser).
The Organiser is responsible for providing SuperThriller with a Competitor List detailing names with individual phone and email addresses.
All information requested by the Operator must be provided on or before the date specified in the Confirmation, to ensure appropriate event preparation.
Failure to provide the completed Competitor List could result in cancellation of the event and forfeiture of payment.
The Competitor List cannot be changed 24 hours prior to the event.


Health and Safety and Safe Conduct
All competitors must attend the Safe Conduct briefing held on site at SuperThriller immediately prior to commencing their event. Failure to attend will result in forfeiture of the confirmed booking.
All participants are required to sign the Safe Conduct Acknowledgement form prior to confirmation of the booking.
Group Event participants must nominate one person from their group who will be present throughout the event as their Event Leader.
The role of the Event Leader is to be responsible for ensuring each member of their group adheres to the safe conduct of their group in accordance with the Safe Operations and Procedures issued by Operator and to the instructions of the Operator’s Officer of the Day in respect of any procedural or behavioural matters.
The Officer of the Day may restrict any and/or all person(s) from participating in an event if, in their opinion, the person(s) puts at risk the safe operation of the event in any way. Such judgement is at the sole discretion of the Officer of the Day. Payment for those competitors will not be refunded.
The Officer of the Day may suspend and/or cancel an event if in their opinion conditions arise that compromise the safe operation of the event in any way.
Competitors who cause damage to the facility and/or equipment by not complying to the Safe Operating Procedures will be liable for all costs of repair.


Cancellation, Refund & Gift Voucher Policy
– Cancellations by the Operator – SuperThriller Jet Sprint Ltd.
– The Operator reserves the absolute right to cancel or vary any event for any reason including because of weather conditions, participant behaviour, insufficient reservations or attendees, availability of product, or any unforeseen event or circumstance.
– The Operator accepts no responsibility for any loss or additional expenses arising from changes, delays or cancellations of the services and activities of the Operator
– Refunds are made at the total discretion of the Operator
– Pre-paid bookings may be altered in accordance with the following:
a. Up until 7 days prior to the date and time of any pre-paid booking you may change (subject to availability) or cancel your booking for a full refund by contacting the Operator directly. Confirmation of agreed cancellation or change will be communicated electronically by the Operator.
b. Within 7 days of any scheduled reservation any change to the booking is at the absolute discretion of the Operator and may incur a fee up to a maximum of 100% of the price paid for the activity or service.
c. In the event that a paid booking is not utilised by the customer without any notification to the Operator then it is deemed to have been used.
d. The Operator is not obligated to refund payment in part for an event if all participants don’t show up for the event


Gift Vouchers
Gift Vouchers are paid for in full at time of purchase and are redeemed at time of booking.
At purchase, the Voucher will have details of the Giftee and the Recipient and will be transmitted electronically. To redeem, the Voucher must be sent electronically to SuperThriller Jet Sprint Ltd in accordance with instructions.
The Voucher is redeemable against the specific event purchased.
The value on the Voucher is non-refundable and is not redeemable for cash.
SuperThriller Jet Sprint Ltd is not responsible for lost or stolen Vouchers.
The Voucher expires 6 months after date of purchase.
Any decision regarding an exception to the stated policy in these terms and conditions will be made entirely at the discretion of the Operator


The name of the business that will appear on your bank/credit card statements will be SuperThriller Jet Sprint Ltd. Your account will be charged in New Zealand Dollars
Terms are subject to normal Force Majeure terms. The Law is the Law of New Zealand.

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