The lights are go. Gun the GM powered engines and blast out the starting gates, foot hard down, spray in your hair. Head towards the green and orange marker buoys and line up your first big turn. It’s sharp. Keep the nose up. Feel the drift. Remember no jet, no steering. You don’t want to cavitate!

Open the throttle as you come out of the corner and onto the winding straight. You’ll need to jink around the green and pink markers, dancing and fishtailing over your wake. Get ready to take the next corner, whipping around the far orange marker to set up a direct run on the final straight.

Keep the throttle open to burst through the two blue markers. Stay on the inside of the orange and outside of the purple markers. The final corner is coming up - fast. Sound, spray and speed in action. Glide into the turn around the green marker, through the red markers into the finish channel.

Stop the clock. Your purring SuperThriller JetSprint boat gracefully settles into calm waters as you coax her into dock.


  • Use your brain and think ahead
  • Work with your co-driver to line up the next marker, kink, corner and straight
  • Don't be timid but don’t use force
  • Full throttle - if you take your foot off the gas you lose
  • Get the feel of the boat and its drift
  • Drive with aggression – and finesse



  • Alpha Circuit
  • Whiskey Circuit
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